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condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: Native American Navajo & Zuni
model name / number: Each piece is unique
size / dimensions: See ad for dimensions

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I am selling my personal lifetime Native American Jewelry Collection which I started 50 years ago. None of my children have any interest in my collections so it is time for someone else to enjoy my special pieces. Someone once said to me, "It's like you lease your artwork, jewelry and other collectibles to enjoy your lifetime and then they go to someone else during their lease and enjoyment period." I had never thought about things like that before, but I agree and it makes me feel better. I'd like my special pieces to go to someone who will appreciate and enjoy them.

The photos and descriptions are in the same order so please refer to the photo number when you call or email me.
I am happy to email additional photos or to answer any questions you may have about these items. My next CL Ad will be for Native American PENDANTS and RINGS so please watch for them.

LEFT: 1970's Navajo Sterling Silver and Mediterranean Coral Bracelet. This coral stone is natural and exceptional. Laws have changed so that no more Mediterranean Coral can me removed from the ocean as it has become scarce. This bracelet is adjustable and will fit a wrist size 5 3/4" to 6 3/4". Priced at only $65

CENTER: BR11-Gorgeous very heavy vintage Navajo cuff bracelet with very rare Landers Blue Turquoise. This mine only produced 96 lbs of Turquoise so it is a very rare, expensive, high quality stone. The bracelet is signed "J &E WILSON". The artist and his wife, Eunice, are well known for their cluster Turquoise work. Guaranteed coin or higher grade silver. The inside measurement end to end is 5 3/4" + an opening gap of 1", totaling 6 3/4". The bracelet size is adjustable. I have not cleaned this vintage bracelet as some owners prefer the older patina. I will leave it up to the next owner. Weighs approximately 19 grams. Priced at only $495

RIGHT: Beautiful child's Navajo made sterling silver and Turquoise cluster bracelet. The quality of the stones in this vintage bracelet is exceptional. It is Sleeping Beauty or a rarer Bisbee. The current inside size of this adjustable bracelet is 4 1/8" from end to end + 1 1/8" opening gap, totaling 5 1/4". Priced at only $150

Photo 1-ROW 2
LEFT: 1970's Navajo made bracelet with thick natural Turquoise center stone. Rope design enhances this beautiful Turquoise stone. This adjustable bracelet currently measures 5" inside end to end + 1 1/8" opening gap, totaling 6 1/8". Priced at only $50

CENTER: BR41-Really beautiful Navajo Sterling Silver and Turquoise Bracelet, signed by J. Piaso Jr inside of his hallmark. It is also stamped STERLING. The matrix in this high quality Turquoise stone is beautiful. This adjustable bracelet currently measures 5" (inside end to end) + 1" gap, totaling 6". It could easily be adjusted to fit up to a 6 1/2" wrist. Priced at only $220

RIGHT: BR24-1970's Navajo bracelet with a very high grade Turquoise center stone. The color of this stone is Blue Gem color. It could also be Bisbee from the Bisbee, AZ mine (closed in the 1950's). The current size of this adjustable bracelet is 5" (inside end to end) + 1" opening gap, totaling 6". It could easily be made to fit a wrist up to 6 3/4". Priced at only $125

Photo 1-ROW 3
LEFT: BR9-Martin & Esther PANTEAH Zuni Sterling Silver Inlay Cuff Bracelet. This is an old Pawn Zuni piece with Turquoise, Coral , Onyx and Mother-of-Pearl Inlay. This maker is famous for the very high quality of their silversmithing. The cuff has an end to end inner circumference of 5 3/8" with a non-adjustable opening measuring 1 1/16", totaling 6 7/16". It is 2 1/4" wide across, with a bank width of 1 3/16". It weights 48.5g. The inside of this cuff is stamped "MTPANTEAH, Zuni" for Zuni artist Martin and Esther Panteah. This bracelet is in excellent condition and all stones are perfect and tight. Priced at only $395

CENTER: 1970's Sterling Silver and high grade Mother-of-Pearl bracelet. This very large stone is exceptional with an irridescent color and high polish. It is surrounded by the Navajo rope design. The stone itself measures 1 9/16"Tall x 1 1/4"Wide. In the natural light and even more so, in sunlight, it is absolutely gorgeous. The inside end to end measurement is 5 1/8" + 1" opening gap, totaling 6 1/8". This bracelet is easily adjusted and could be made to fit a 6" to 6 3/4" wrist. Priced at only $125

RIGHT:BR48-Zuni made Sterling Silver and Hummingbirds/Flower Inlay Bracelet by silversmith artist, Ella Gia. This bracelet is beautifully made with the high quality Mother-of-Pearl, Onyx, Turquoise and Coral Inlay pieces. The workmanship is beautiful. It is quite the work of art. The inside measurement from tip to tip is almost 5 3/8" + opening gap of 1 1/4", totaling 6 5/8". It is slightly adjustable and should fit a wrist 6 3/4" to 7".

Photo 1-BACK ROW
LEFT:BR7-Very Large Pawn Vintage HOPI Cast Sterling Silver Overlay Cuff Bracelet with KOKOPELLI pattern. This bracelet weighs 113g, 4 oz or 1/4 lb so it is VERY heavy. It is signed with an underlined hallmark "W". This is truly a great vintage bracelet that goes with practically your entire wardrobe, as well as blending nicely with all of your items in your jewelry collection. Inside measurements are 5 1/4" tip to tip + opening gap of approximately 1 1/2" 6 3/4" or slightly larger. Width at widest point is 2". Besides being a very wearable piece, it is a highly collectible piece. Priced at only $495

CENTER:Gorgeous very high end Zuni Inlay cuff bracelet, signed by famous Leander and Lisa Othole. The inlay work of this couple is fabulous and pure perfection. You can Google them and learn all about them, and you can see many fine examples of their work. I also have the matching pendant and earrings to this beautiful cuff bracelet. The high grade inlay is Turquoise, Coral, Onyx and Mother-of-Pearl. This bracelet is signed by the artists including Zuni, NM. The inside measures 5 5/8" tip to tip + 7/8" opening gap, totaling 6 1/2". The cuff is slightly adjustable, but should be done by someone who knows how to do this without causing the inlay to crack or come loose. Priced at only $495

RIGHT:BR23-Navajo Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet for Medium to Large Wrist. Inside measurement tip to tip is 6" + opening gap of 1.5", totaling 7.5" The weight of this cuff is 80.9 grams. Priced at only $145
Photos 2,3: BR20-Gorgeous very heavy TUFA CAST cuff bracelet with a beautiful authentic high grade Turquoise Butterfly. The silversmith work on this bracelet is excellent. The bracelet has an interior measurement of 5 1/2" and an opening gap of 1 1/2", totaling 7". The bracelet weighs 123.7 grams. I also have the coordinating butterfly pendant which is priced at $250. This bracelet is priced at only $795
Photo 4a. Very heavy Navajo made Sterling Silver Squash Blossom Necklace with heavy cast sterling silver naja. The naja is removable and transferrable to other necklaces. It is an vintage piece and the naja is not signed. This is a gorgeous squash blossom necklace. Weight is 92.6 grams. Priced at only $795
4b. The additional heavy cast Sterling Silver and Turquoise Naja is being sold separately at $495. It weighs 37 grams.
If you purchase the necklace and additional naja, price is $1250.
Photo 5. Gorgeous Navajo completely hand-made Sterling Silver and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise 5 piece Necklace with matching pierced drop earrings. This set is absolutely stunning not only because of the very large pieces of Turquoise, but also due to the beautiful color of this Turquoise. This set has an estimated value of $750 to $900.
Priced at only $495
Photo 6: BR20-Very heavy Navajo TUFA CAST Cuff Bracelet with a gorgeous Natural Turquoise Butterfly and Turquoise in the center of the side flowers. The inner gap measures 5 1/2" + 1 1/4" opening gap, totaling 6 3/4".
It weighs a substantial 123.7 grams. This masterpiece cuff bracelet was made and signed BRD by the artist/silversmith. This is a highly collectible piece on which you are certain to get loads of compliments. Verbally appraised at $1200, my price is at only $650.
Photo 7a. Authentic Navajo Boulder River Turquoise, Turquoise and Sterling Silver 5-Strand Necklace with a large removable Boulder River Turquoise Pendant. The necklace can be worn separately in two ways.....plain or twisted. With the chain unhooked and stretched out, the necklace is 23" long. The beautifully made high grade pendant is stamped Sterling and is signed "TF" by the maker. Priced at only $795

7b. Beautiful pair of matching rectangular shaped Sterling Silver and Boulder River Turquoise clip earrings, signed by the artist and stamped Sterling. They have the decorative rope trim and raindrops. The stones are large (7/8"T x 3/4"W) and thick. The earrings measure 1 1/4"T x 1 1/8"W. Priced at only $225
Photo 7a. Beautifully made Navajo Sterling Silver and Boulder River Turquoise Bracelet signed by silversmith/artist-TF. It is also stamped Sterling. The inside measurement tip to tip is 5 1/8" + the opening gap is 1", totaling 6 1/8".
This bracelet is adjustable. Priced at only $225

7b. Navajo Sterling Silver and Boulder River Turquoise Matching Ring to 6a Bracelet (same photo). Signed by artist and stamped Sterling. Beautiful mounting and workmanship. This ring is a Size 6. Priced at only $125

If you buy the complete set of Boulder River Turquoise 5a, 5b, 6a and 6b, I can sell it all at a slightly better price.
Photo 9. BR2-Rare Rare Sugilite Cluster Bracelet. Sugilite is a rare purple cyclosilicate mineral that was named after the Japanese petrologist, Ken-ichi Sugi, who first identified it in 1944 in Iwagi Islet, Japan. ... In 1980 Sugilite was officially classified as a rare gem, which caused its price to greatly increase. This bracelet is gorgeous and one that would be very difficult to duplicate. When I wear it around museums and jewelers who know what this is, everyone asks me if I will sell it. The bracelet has an unusual 14K gold wash over the sterling rope and raindrops decor. The inside tip to tip measurement is 5 1/4" + the opening gap of 1 1/8", totaling 6 3/8". It is 1 3/4" wide at the widest point and weights 29.7g. Priced at only $595
Photo 10: N32-Gorgeous Authentic Zuni Made 7-Horse Equestrian Sterling and Inlay Necklace. The workmanship on this necklace is very high quality. This necklace boasts sever horse charms, each inlaid with Sugilite, Mother of Pearl, Spiny Oyster (Red, Orange and Pink). The main larger center horse is signed on the back "Sterling" and "T" by the maker. The necklace is in excellent, ready to wear condition with a bright white silver tone and tightly set stones. With the necklace hand-made sterling silver chain unclasped and stretched out, it measures 20 1/2" long. Recently verbally appraised at $1500, I have it priced at only $995.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Photos 11,12. Gorgeous Sterling Silver and Royston Turquoise necklace and matching pierced dangling earrings set by famous silversmith, Andy Cadman. The very high grade Royston Turquoise in this necklace set is magnificent with a gorgeous matrix. They are large, thick, well-matched pieces of Turquoise. All pieces are signed on the backs Sterling and A Cadman. I purchased this necklace set from Max Ortega at his Carefree store approximately 10 years ago. At that time, Max had this set priced at $1500. I paid $1295 + tax for this set and I have it priced at only $1295.
Photo 13: BR19-Old heavy vintage Navajo Sand Cast Bracelet with Royston Turquoise surrounded by a very heavy and detailed rope and leaf decor. The large piece of high quality Royston Turquoise has gorgeous matrix. It is a thick stone and it is well polished. The inside measurements tip to tip are 5 1/2" + an opening gap of 1 1/8". This is not a size adjustable bracelet. It weighs 64.7 grams. Priced at only $295
Photo 14.Magnificent Inlay Pendant, Matching Earrings and Bracelet Set. There are many different inlay stones used in this bracelet, giving it Autumn colors...Spiney Oyster, Onyx, Mother of Pearl and others. I bought this set in 2010 at one of the special high end Carefree Art Shows. I bought it directly from the artist/silversmith, Jackson. All pieces are signed "Jackson" inside of a fish (his hallmark) by the artist. He was asking $2200 for the set. I paid $1750 for the set. All pieces must be sold together as a set. Priced at only $1295/Set
Photo 15: BR14-Signed VERY RARE Native American Sterling Cuff Bracelet made of Ivory, Lapis and High Grade Turquoise. It was sold to me as bone, but later after having a couple of experts look at it, I learned that it is Ivory. This is a true collector piece which I have been told was made by a famous Silversmith out of the Tucson, AZ area. It is signed "CP" on the interior band. Internal measurement from tip to tip is 6" with a 1.125" opening gap. Approximate weight is 118.2g. It's value has been estimated at $2500. Priced at only $1295
Photo 16. Gorgeous Navajo Solid Cast Sterling Silver and Onyx Necklace, Earring and Bracelet Set. The design is a "Whirlwind" design. I purchased this set directly from the artist/silversmith on the way to the Grand Canyon. The artist's name is Mildred and she lives in Window Rock, AZ. All pieces are signed and stamped Sterling. It is a beautifully made, heavy set. Priced at only $795/Set
Photo 17: NS16-Sterling Silver and Opal Necklace Set with matching pierced earrings and a beautiful matching bracelet. This gorgeous set was made and signed by very famous artist/silversmith, Erick Begay. Each of the pieces are signed and marked Sterling. This set was appraised at $2500. I also have a ring made by Erick Begay. The opal stone flips over to Turquoise so it is like having two rings in one. The ring is priced separately. This necklace set is priced at only $1495.
Photo 18. Chunk Turquoise necklace with natural Heshi beads between the pieces of natural Turquoise. A great addition to any jewelry collection. Looks great with jeans or dressing up for any occasion. This necklace is 14" long on each side of the necklace. If the necklace were able to be opened up and laid in a straight line, it would be approximately 28" long. Priced at only $225
Photo 19.Navajo Sterling Silver Ranger Set on a genuine Lizard leather belt, size 32. My brother purchased this belt for his wife at Alexander's Belts and Buckles in Scottsdale, AZ. It was purchased in 1998 for $575. The Ranger set is solid cast Sterling Silver which has very detailed flute-playing kachinas on all pieces. I am selling this lizard belt complete with the solid Sterling Silver Ranger Set for only $395.
Photo 20:Vintage Navajo Sterling Silver, Crushed Turquoise/Coral PEYOTE BIRD Necklace with all bench made (hand made) beads. What I like about this particular necklace is that is not super big and heavy. It is easier to wear than a large Squash Blossom necklace. Each of the 10 Sand Cast Peyote bird pieces have inlaid crushed Turquoise and crushed Coral in them. The piece is signed R K on the back of the center bottom naja. This necklace, although quite old, is in mint condition and ready to wear. It was verbally appraised at $995 and my price is only $550.
Photo 21: Gorgeous Sterling Silver and Cluster Turquoise Necklace Set with matching pierced Cluster Turquoise earrings. The Turquoise in this necklace is a very high grade Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. The artist/silversmith signed the back of the necklace and both earrings "E" and S/S for Sterling Silver. The workmanship on this necklace set is very high quality with ropes and raindrops, etc. All Turquoise pieces are secure. This piece looks great to wear with jeans or for dressing up a blouse or dress. It is beautiful, versatile, but not bulky and heavy. You are certain to get loads of compliments on this set. Priced at only $395
Photo 22. Gorgeous vintage Sterling Silver Navajo necklace/choker with magnificent hand made beads and VERY high grade Turquoise. I bought this from Ernie's shop in downtown Prescott and was told that the Turquoise is from the Bisbee mine, Bisbee, AZ, which closed in the 1950's. Bisbee is a highly sought after Turquoise because of the richness of the blues, browns, purples and the outstanding matrix in the high end Bisbee Turquoise pieces. You have to see this piece in person to truly appreciate the quality of the beads and Turquoise.
Priced at $1500 FIRM
Photo 23. Highly unusual large PARROT PENDANT/PIN, signed by maker/silversmith RAY ADAKAI. The hand-carved pieces of Spiny Oyster, Turquoise, Sugilite, Onyx, Mother-of-Pearl and other stones is nothing less than fabulous. These pieces are set in solid sterling silver. It is 4 1/4" Long x 1 3/4" Wide. It is truly a collector piece and also a very easy and impressive piece to wear. Any collector would be proud to have this pendant/pin in their collection. Priced at only $595
Photo 24.Heavy custom handmade solid Sterling Silver Cast Ring made by Steve Chapman of Prescott, AZ. I wear this ring on my index finger. It is approximately a Size 9 1/4. It weighs an unbelievable 21.6 grams. A Turquoise stone can always be set in the center of this ring, if so desired. Priced at only $325.
I am home most of the time so please give me a call and come over to see my Native American jewelry items. I have about 200 items total that I am selling from my lifelong collection. Also, I have approximately 70 fine quality Navajo rugs (see my 4 CL Ads), Indian pots, framed original paintings, area rugs, as well as other items I have listed in Craigslist.

Thank you for your interest.

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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