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Not You Won't

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Yeah, "just" in "2000"

*************Freedom of Express********

Govenor Brewer contemplates suing Dear Leader (Arizona) map

Or Maybe Not

Obama Claims He Changed The Law


Reagan's Incompetence and Corruption Facts. (Arizona) pic

RE: NASA just admitted that the sensors on several satellites


Mind in the (gutter?) map

RE: they really never KNEW how thick it was

I highly doubt that. map

Former FBI Official

Re:Thinning ice? (South pole) pic map

Jesus is Disappointed with the Rep's (Arizona) pic

Thicker Than They Thought

Debt is Slavery!!!! (Arizona) pic

RE: thicker than they thought

Where did you learn to read?

What's Wrong, Libtard?

Tell US Libtard

Couple Flies Nazi Flag to protest...

Ferguson Ablaze

Kofi Anon calls for peace in the (Mid-East) (15050 N. 28th Ave.) pic map

Right To Sue Ebola Victims?

Oxygen Waste

Contrary To Denier Views

Thanks, Obama (Our Rights)

Who is Rich Weinstein & why does he deserve a (BIG SHOUT OUT!?) pic

Kofi Anon calls for peace in the (Mid-East) pic map

Government Waste

Contrary To Political Correct Views

Elderly Couple Desperately NEED FOOD (Central Tucson)

Hows That Golf Game, Obama?

No Media Bias

AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham Goes Rogue! (Gilbert, AZ)


Gilbert Public Schools Overspent by $15.3 Million; Hid It from the Pub (Gilbert, AZ)

No Media Bias?


Media Bias? Network Silence? Really?

Shocking comments from the Arab League of Nations (PHC)

Terrorism Facts (Online)

Media Bias

Obama Desperate

Hagel Fired

Not even close! (Here) (Certified registered retarded ) pic

Grrrrrr = West side ghetto trash (15050 N. 28th ave.) pic map

More lies answered ! (Now the truth from Topher) pic map

credentials? We don't need no credentials! (Studio apt.134) pic map

CNSNews, Western Journalism, IBD? (S.T.F.U.Please) pic map

Utter nonsense! (Here and There) pic map

How to get a republican president in 2016 (Have Topher blow you) pic map

Idiots=Tophers (Between the gay 7's) pic map

The a-hole gas bag! (15050 N. 28th Ave.) pic map


long time poster, first time listener. (toilet # 7) pic map

AP Fact Check

Your what hurts Bob? (Over there) map

To The Rescue Ghetto King (15050 N. 28th Ave) pic

Your voice is insignificant (over there) map

RE : Zip it shit for brains! (over there) (Long time reader) pic map

Dumb bitch! (Casual observer) map

Zip it shit for brains! (over there) pic map


Re : You missed the point button bitch! (over there) (15050 N. 28th Ave.) pic map

Danger To Our Grid

Old Research?

You missed the point button bitch! (over there) pic map

The O.P. was correct. (Walmart aisle #9) (15050 N. 28th Ave.) pic

The O.P. was correct. (Walmart aisle #9) pic

Not even close! (Here) pic map

Afghanistan War Extended?

Don't You Just Love those Lawyers?

what do you think pic map

now if you read it the first time (ranting)

OMG.. the clinton balanced budget bullshit again (ranting) pic

Re:re:Iran Nuke Deal

Re:Iran nuke deal (way over there) pic map

Aguilar Is 100% Correct

Iran Nuke deal

Obama Loves Illegal Rules

Another Obama Lie

"Deal With You"

Fear: The Lberals' Weapon of Choice map

Thin Skinned Non-Hacker Out There... (Arizona) pic

Black Panther "not racist" by FBI (America)

RE: never mention it

In My Place?

RE: whiny about it

No, Norly

Be Careful, People

More Fries (Now the truth from Topher) (I'm Flexable ) pic map

Norly, just what are your credentials (Here are mine!) pic map

Cato totally controlled by Koch?

RE: you still think there is only one other poster here

That's Norly For You

THE KING HATH GONE MAD! :O (Who can stop the MADNESS?) pic

Cato totally controlled by Koch?

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