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Jesus rose from the dead & He's alive right now. (USA)

Write In Candidate for AZ State Senate Teri Frost (Yavapai County) pic map

Few LOCAL results found. Here are some from NEARBY areas


Harry Reid Disappeared! map

I still have to laugh (Poncho Jerry ) map

Obamas popularity has not dropped (Poncho)

Employed There

REx2: So Very You

REx3: Canada


RE: Canada

Re:So Very You



Who Is Pushing fear Now?

RE: Vacation? (Doc)

I Know How We Can Win!! (Voter fraud)


So, after my brief vacation... (Doc) pic

Subprime Lending Practices

Re:Deregulated Banks

Miss Me Yet?? (Arizona) pic

Attn: AZ CD-1 Voters! Tobin-R is NOT qualified to run! He doesn't LIVE (in our CD-1 district!!!)

re: to the Barber hater(s)! (Bite me!)

More McSally lies! I.e. - revisionist history!!!

Vote Democrap!! map

DB4 ($) is a fag. map

Who caused the housing problem??

The Bidens

Annoy a Conservative (Arizona) pic map

Re:Your Neighborhood

How To Tell The Color Of A Criminal (central tucson) pic map

Re:DB 4 (here) map

Re:Lowering lending standards again (Here) map

Repeat The Same Mistake!

The Decision

The agenda (DB4)

God Bless The Free Press (AKA Liberal Media)! (Arizona) pic


If You Want To Rock-The-Vote, Then DON'T!

The Science Of It All


RE: All our government has to do is to follow them.

Congress Not Allowed

U.N. Warnings

Large Bird Cage pic map

Boogey Man


Way To Go, Obama

Re: re: to the Barber hater! Bite yourself pic map

Re:Clue pic map

"as I command"



Green Cards

Things you should be concerned about regarding (Ron Barber) map

Martha McSally map

Command? map

Kent! map

Uhhhh, No

Politico Poll


RE: Still Ebola map


RE: He brags about controlling the issues

Re:re:re:Still Ebola

Censorship and Total Control

Re:re:Still Ebola

RE: Still Ebola (VA Hospital)

Spreading Theories?

15 pic

RE: Still Ebola (VA Hospital) map

I DEMAND a Tax Cut!! (Arizona) pic

Excellent Editorial (Phoenix) pic


Re Progressive failure? - (prog ville) map (DB4)

RE: Still Ebola

We can help you escape America (USA)

Military Team?


Same Line Of Drivel, Norly

RE: Why doesn't he act like he did in Egypt and Libya?

Still Ebola (VA Hospital)

Error After Error

re: DUH (again: good)

re: weaken public moraliy (good post)

Yeah....Shame On Me

re;re; obummer & the rest of em (yupper)

Closely Watching Hong Kong?

RE: Why isn't Obama supporting their freedoms?

Just Playin' (ROFLz)

Ebola (VA Hospital) map

Medical Qualifications?

Like Ponchtard, Norly

Hong Kong Spring


Obamacare Double Whammy

Caught doing what? Pointing out your lies? Guilty as charged.

Let's Flip Flop For Votes!

Discredit The Guardian?

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